Book Discussion of "The Inevitable"

Chapter 2 of The Inevitable is on “cognifying,” i.e. “adding AI to X.” Of course, this is being done already to some extent, especially with the Internet of Things like smart plugs, smart refrigerators, etc. An interesting example he gives of “cognified marketing.” This takes user tracking to a whole new level by multiplying a person’s interest in an advertisement by an AI’s calculation of their social influence.

The 500+ reviews do not mention cognifying specifically or in much depth except below:

“Cognifying” is about the trend toward making everything much smarter using cheap powerful AI built-in, from cloud computing, or other sources TBD.

The “cognifying” force is about the artificial intelligence that seems to be improving by the day. From Watson the computer to the AI cloud, not only are machines able to collect data efficiently, they are increasingly able to interpret them and use them. Take whatever object and add AI to it. The common camera already has AI of auto-focus and auto-correction features. Music can be created with AI algorithms. From medicine ,to ethics; play to work; the cognifying process has also been accelerated by cheaper parallel computing power; increasing data pools; better algorithms. With the best of many minds, computers of the future will become more formidable.

Both of the above are good summations and both relate to the increase in AI in the Internet of Things. The author argues there are three things that are making cognifying easier:

1. Cheap parallel computation

2. Big data

3. Better algorithms

I only agree with the author on all of these points. I would also add that cognifying is a good example of adding intelligence at every level of a multi-agent system.