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    Multimodal Adversarial Networks "To the best of our knowledge, the proposed MAN could be one of the first works to specifically design for the...
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    Real-Time Web Scale Event Summarization Using Sequential Decision Making
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    SQL to Text
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    Graph-Based Text Generation

    Knowledge-based Review Generation by Coherence Enhanced Text Planning
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    Evaluation Techniques on Multi-Modal Summarization A Survey on Multi-modal Summarization (2021) Lead Author: Code: "A generic framework portraying existing neural models":
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    SQL Notebooks (code at github)
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    Timages: Enhancing time graphs with iconographic information
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    Context-aware query design combines knowledge and data for efficient reading and reasoning
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    SQL Queries for WordPress $search = $wpdb->escape($search); $posts = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID, post_title, post_content FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_status = 'publish' AND (post_title LIKE '%$search%' OR post_content LIKE '%$search%') ORDER BY post_title...
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    Research Graph Meta Model
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    LabelInspect (2019),3
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    Image Flows Visualization for Inter-Media Comparison

    Google Scholar Citations
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    Vector Images in Document Retrieval (1964)
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    CBIR Utilities

    VGG Image Classification (VIC) Engine
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    Text Annotation for Images

    SynthText In this paper we introduce a new method for text detection in natural images. The method comprises two contributions: First, a fast and scalable engine to generate synthetic images of text in clutter. This engine overlays synthetic...
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    GraviTIE: Exploratory Analysis of Large-Scale Heterogeneous Image Collections
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    Exploiting pivot words to classify and summarize discourse facets of scientific papers